tax appeal

We might be able to help you lower your real estate taxes, whether your property is residential, agricultural, or commercial in nature.

County assessors are responsible for assessing the value of thousands of properties. For that reason, they typically adopt methods which allow them to assess properties quickly, at the expense of accuracy. Since the county assessment is the basis for your taxes, you might have spent years paying more in taxes than you should.

An independent, third-party appraisal from a private firm, such as Spurgeon Appraisals, can be a powerful argument in tax appeal. Private appraisers ensure the accuracy of their appraisals by appealing to local sales data and by personally inspecting the property to see what makes it different from other, similar properties.

Private appraisal methods result in a more accurate valuation than what a county assessor can provide. In our own appraisals, we have determined that county assessors are generally 5-7% off in their valuations, and we have even seen them be 40% off. Imagine how much you might be over-paying in taxes simply due to a poor assessment.

Appraisals cost money, but saving $100 per year on your taxes could justify a one-time $350-$500 appraisal fee. We have seen many examples of savings much larger than that. Spurgeon Appraisals is ready to provide you with this opportunity to keep more of your own money.

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