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Think you are paying too much on your real estate taxes each year? County taxes are oftentimes valued by county assessors who have a full plate as it is and often don’t have time to do thorough assessments of your property. They typically try to make the process as quick as possible which can result in inaccurate values and rough estimates.

An independent party, such as Spurgeon Appraisals, can take a more in-depth approach and provide you with a more accurate appraisal of your property. This can lead to potentially saving you hundreds of dollars in taxes each year.  With an official appraisal from Spurgeon Appraisals, you can appeal your tax costs and have a better chance of winning the battle.Hiring a third-party, unbiased appraisal service can ultimately pay off over the years. You could be over-paying!

Start saving today by giving Spurgeon Appraisals a call to accurately assess the value of your property today.


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