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Many property owners feel that they do not need an appraiser for litigation and expert testimony. But most owners have only unsupported lay opinions which may not even be legally sufficient to support a favorable verdict. That is why there is a recognized need for effective appraisal experts in judicial and other valuation controversies.

In the case of court determination of value, there is a real need for educated subjectivity, exercised in a scrupulously professional manner. “Expert witnesses” are the only witnesses that can provide a subjective, opinion-based testimony. The use of an appraiser as an expert witness can provide you with validation and greater credibility in disputes involving real estate.An effective appraiser can make your case, but a poorly trained or unscrupulous appraiser can ruin your case before it begins.

At Spurgeon Appraisals, we have experience preparing appraisals for court testimony and filling the role of expert witness. Call us today to discuss your appraisal needs.


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