Spurgeon Appraisals has grown from a single certified general appraiser to a staff of five employees. Since there are five of us, we are able to give more attention to you and your property and finish your appraisal more quickly. This is because each of us has our own task to perform in the appraisal process.

Mason Spurgeon
Certified General Appraiser / Owner

Mason's life is full of the kind of experience helpful to appraising both agricultural and commercial properties. He grew up on a family farm in Missouri and showed livestock all over the country. He also worked with two of his uncles in various forms of construction.  Eventually, Mason became a certified general real estate appraiser in Missouri, Illinois, and Iowa. After years of working with other appraisers and banks, he decided to establish his own appraisal firm. Since that time, Spurgeon Appraisals has grown both in staff and service area, covering northeast Missouri, west Illinois, and southeast Iowa. When he first started the company, Mason handled every stage of every appraisal, even taking the order and doing initial research. Now, with a larger staff, he is able to focus entirely on writing reports. He has experience appraising multi-tract farms, large family estates, and truly unique agricultural properties for a variety of purposes, including tax appeals, divorces, and estate planning.

Matthew Roberts
Certified General Appraiser
Matthew is licensed in Missouri, Illinois, and Iowa.  He has been in the appraisal field since 2011 and over the past several years has appraised a wide variety of commercial, agricultural, and residential real estate. Matthew has family going back four generations in northeast Missouri and he is very familiar with the Tri-State region.  Like Mason, he also grew up on a family farm working with livestock.  In college, he majored in Business Administration, then after working at a bank for three years, he later completed his apprenticeship training under Mason to be an appraiser.  Matthew has appraised even the most complex commercial properties for useful purposes such as, lending, estate planning, tax appeal, divorce, and private negotiation.  He is experienced in the appraisal of: industrial, office, retail, and multi-family properties, as well as restaurants, gas stations, churches, motels, mobile home parks, and subdivisions.

"I'm proud to be a part of this team.  We are all committed to setting the standard for quality appraisal work and professional customer service.  When accuracy matters, we will be your first phone call."

Jesse Lochman
Certified Trainee Appraiser
As business continued to grow, Jesse was hired as a State Certified Trainee. He was born and raised on a beef cattle farm near Palmyra, where he also participated in the high school FFA. He graduated from College of the Ozarks with a minor in Business Administration and a major in Criminal Justice. His hobbies include working on the family farm and hunting.

Stan Choate
Appraisal Tech / Valuation Associate
Even before Jesse was hired, Mason and Matthew needed help to meet the demands of a growing business. Stan was originally hired to maintain a database of local farm sales. He eventually began to assist with appraisals by performing research and data entry. Now, his primary task is to provide customer service by managing our appraisal orders and maintaining communication with our clients.

Tammy Jones
Sales Researcher
Spurgeon Appraisals has never really ceased its efforts to improve and expand, so the need for yet another staff member was no great surprise. Tammy also grew up on a family farm, and her father worked as a land surveyor. She was given much of the responsibility for researching real estate sales in our coverage area, whether agricultural, commercial, or residential. This thorough research, and the efforts taken to organize it all, allows the appraisers to do their jobs with greater efficiency.

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