Quality Service

At Spurgeon Appraisals, we care most about providing quality appraisal services. This not only means that you receive prompt service and accurate reports, but also that you are treated respectfully and attentively through the whole process. We can promise you these things for several reasons:

Larger Staff
Most appraisal firms are one-man shops, just a single appraiser with no assistants to help him. This makes it difficult for most appraisers to give due attention to their customers, perform all necessary research, and finish their reports in a timely manner. In contrast to this, Spurgeon Appraisals employs three appraisers and two office assistants. So we can provide you with prompt, well-informed appraisals, and yet still speak to you at length when you call our office with questions.

Thorough Research
A good appraisal depends on research, not only of the property being appraised, but also of recent sales comparable to the property being appraised. So, at Spurgeon Appraisals, much of our time is spent in research. Our appraisal staff is constantly researching the market for residential, agricultural, and commercial sales. When you call us, we likely will already have what sales we will need to appraise your property.

Detailed Analysis
When appraising a property, any overlooked information could result in a loss of value to your property, so attention to detail is very important. You will see our attention to detail from the moment you first order your appraisal. This will continue as we inspect your property, research county records, and prepare the final appraisal report.

Special Focus
Each of our appraisers focuses his work on a certain kind of property, whether residential, agricultural, or commercial. Limiting ourselves to specific kinds of properties allows us to become more experienced at appraising them, which greatly increases the quality of our services. We have experience in appraising all the following:

Row Crop Farms
Hunting Tracts
River Bottom Farms
CRP Land
Grain Elevators
Poultry Buildings
Hog Confinements

Industrial Buildings
Apartment Buildings
Storage Units
Commercial Lots

Single Family Houses
Four-Family Houses
Rural Houses
New or Existing Construction
Rental Properties
Residential Lots and Sites

And more...

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